Thaler, György

Thaler, György
Development Director, Gedeon Richter Plc., Hungary

György Thaler joined Gedeon Richter Plc in 1983 as a chemical engineer. After spending some years as a medicinal chemist he completed his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Budapest in synthetic organic chemistry. After holding different management positions he is Development Ddirector of the Richter Group since 1992. His current responsibilities are product development and regulatory affairs. He is the chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of Medicines for Europe, since its establishment in 2002. He is also serving as Executive Board member of Medicines for Europe.


Challenges of the pharmaceutical industry: Where are we heading?

Many people think that the pharmaceutical industry reached its golden era some decades ago and those opportunities we had then, will never return again. There are several factors which tend to support that statement. During the course of the presentation we will hear some of them including the investors’ view and demographic changes which impacted the behaviour of social security systems (the payers). Political level influences in some countries also may effect the room for operation of the companies. The declining efficiency of the classical pharmaceutical R&D and the rise of biotech products also shape the future of the industry. What are the growth opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry today? What are the global market trends that help or are against growth? What realistic chances a mid-sized company has in Hungary to survive? What are the most pressing limitations we have? What kind of strategic directions we may consider and what are the key elements of growth? These questions will be tackled in the presentation.