Greiner, István

Greiner, István
Research Director, Gedeon Richter Plc.,

István Greiner graduated at Technical University of Budapest in 1984 as chemical engineer (M.Sc.). He works at Gedeon Richter Plc. since there, at the beginning as research scientist. He got his Ph.D. at Institute of Organic Chemistry of the same university. In 1992 he was appointed as Deputy Head of Chemical and Biotechnological Research and Development. He got his MBA degree at Open University in 1997. He is a patent attorney too, and from 1996 he also headed the Intellectual Property Department at Gedeon Richter Plc. for two and a half year. In 1998 he was appointed to the Director of Chemical and Biotechnological Research and Development, and from 2001 he works for the company as the Deputy of the Research Director too. His responsibility was all the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) research and development activities including new chemical entity, generic and biotechnological projects. He directed chemical R&D during discovery and development of the FDA approved cariprazine. From 1st of August 2014 he was promoted to Research Director of the Company.
He is inventor of seven patents, invited as plenary speaker for international and domestic conferences and has more than 90 publications in well known peer reviewed international journals.

New Chemical Enrtity Research and Development in Hungary: Challenges and Opportunities

During the past twenty five years new chemical entity research delivered very limited results in Hungary. This was not only becasue companies would like to hide their results, if any, before their competitors, but also because academic research  did not publish any related paper or article. During the last two years something started to change.
Based ont he last two years results having listed and analysed future opportunities and trends will be discussed.
As it is well known from the literature Gedeon  Richter plc. granted positive opinion from EMA CHMP to its original drug, cariprazine for schisophrenia indication. FDA has approved the same product nearly two years ago for the previous and one more (bipolar mania) indication. This is definitely the first drug which was discovered, and developed with different partners by a CEE company and approved on 70% of the world market [1]. Beside this result two small Hungarian companies called Avidin adn Soneas announced that phase I. study had been successfully finished with their investigational drug against cognitive disorders[2]. Last year Hungarian chemist at Servier (Budapest) publish a Nature paper [3] about a new clinical candidate and it was also revealed that a unique cooperation between academia and two SMEs resulted a clinical candidate SzV-1287 [4]. 
Based ont he latest results of Hungarian pharma R&D present position of Hungary in this field can be regarded as special in this region and further support of this inspirative environment can strengthen its role in the world pharma R&D.

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