Bilensoy, Erem

Bilensoy, Erem
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Hacettepe University Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara, Turkey

Erem Bilensoy is full professor of pharmaceutical technology. She graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Pharmacy in 1992. She obtained her double Ph.D. degree with a co-tutelle thesis between Université Paris-Sud and Hacettepe University in 2002 under the supervisions of Dominique Duchene and Atilla Hıncal on the evaluation of amphiphilic ß-cyclodextrins modified on the primary face as novel excipients in the preparation of nanospheres and nanocapsules. She has been appointed as associate professor in 2007 and received full professor position in 2013. She is the author of more than 60 scientific articles, 11 international book chapters receiving more than 1100 citations with a current H-index of 21. She also worked as Editor of the book entitled “Cyclodextrins in the Field of Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics and Biomedicine: Current and Future Industrial Applications” published by John Wiley&Sons in 2012. Dr. Bilensoy served as Bioavailability/Bioequivalence Evaluation Commission member within Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency between 2007-2012 and from December 2015 onwards. She was Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy between 2010-2013. She is founder member and Head for EUFEPS Network on Nanomedicine and Board Member for European Cyclodextrin Society. Erem Bilensoy joined European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences EUFEPS Executive Committee in 2012 and was elected as President of EUFEPS starting from June 2015. She is also on the Consultancy Board for Projects on Nanobiotechnology at TUBİTAK Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council. She was recently elected as Vice Chairman for Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center Executive Committee on January 2016. Her current research interests include targeted nanoparticles in cancer therapy, cationic nanoparticles, cyclodextrin-based drug delivery, inkjet and 3D printed drug delivery systems, biomedical applications of nanoparticles and regulatory approaches on bioavailability/bioequivalence. 

Trends of Drug research and Development in Europe

Drug research and development has been under focus since the last century globally, as the world is moving towards an aging population. In the meantime, in-depth novel techniques incorporating pharmacogenomics, allow the diseases to be better elucidated than before. This breakthrough paved the way to a more integrated approach based on systems pharmacology for drug research and development. In this lecture, new trends in drug delivery, drug development and research will be discussed in the light of recent reports and strategic research and innovation agenda from European Technology Platform. It has to be noted that drug research and drug development is becoming more and more concentrated on the patient and individualized/precision medicine is the driving force in today’s pharmaceutical research in all disciplines in this field. This effect is starting to diffuse into the pharmacy practice and even more into the pharmacy education in Europe. This lecture will focus on current trends in pharmaceutical research and give an insight on EUFEPS initiatives to support these new trends in pharmaceutical research and innovation. EUFEPS is a federation of 18 member societies from different countries in Europe as well as individual members and member institutions. Based on Frankfurt Germany, EUFEPS is a an organization active in scientific events, education and training for professionals in pharmaceutical sciences, regulatory activities about medicines and medical devices with position papers and reports on drafts guidelines by EMA. EUFEPS has established Networks to bring together individuals supported by member societies on Bioavailability/Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacogenomics, Quality by Design/Process Analytical Technology, Nanomedicine, Safety Sciences, Veterinary Drugs. Systems Pharmacology and Regulatory Sciences.